What is COTP Certification?

The Certified Online Training Professional (COTP) certification represents that the deliverer of online webinars or training events has completed the comprehensive COTP training and passed both a written exam and a live proficiency exam. Individuals with a complete and current certification will receive the following:  

  • A printable certificate
  • A badge to display on your website, email, and other electronic communications media  
  • A listing in the publically searchable Council membership database, signifying current certification status  


One of the biggest areas for growth in the training and educational fields is the online provision of training to a wide, often global, audience. Whether you provide training to multiple small organizations, multiple customers in separate locations, multiple geographically separated divisions or offices of a large company or organization, or just to individuals, being able to provide quality online training is an increasingly needed skill.  

By completing your COTP certification, you will be ensuring that you know how to set up and manage your online training efforts, how to use the available online training tools, and how to apply the best techniques to delivering training online. You will receive comprehensive training on how to manage the online classroom—even how to set up your back office for registrations and tracking—and how to provide engaging and effective training in the online format.  

And you will have the certification to prove it. The COTP certification is a real plus for your resume. Your COTP badge can be added to your email signature block, displayed on your website, or shown on online newsletters, social media, blogs, or other venues that may be part of your training efforts. And your printed certificate adds to your credentials as a well-rounded training professional.

Finally, you will be listed in the ICCOTP database of Certified Online Training Professionals. Potential employers and clients can search for qualified trainers in the publically accessible database, and they can be assured that they are locating absolutely the best for their online training needs.   


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