Course of Study


ICCOTP offers a unique course of study in online training. The two-day, intensive online program is taught in a live, instructor-led format. This is synchronous training—the instructor and students are in the online classroom at the same time. This means you will receive the personal attention of your instructor during each part of the program. You can ask questions, do practice exercises, and see examples of online training techniques even as you learn them.

Our instructors have logged hundreds of hours of online training experience, and are leaders at the top of the training profession. Members of our council and several of our instructors have been pioneers in the field of live online training delivery and have helped develop online instruction as it is done today.

This course of instruction has been crafted to ensure that you receive the training you need to join us at the top of your field. In the first section of the course, you’ll learn the basics of online course delivery. In subsequent sections you will learn the details of setting up your hardware and software for online training delivery, how to convert your existing classroom courses to online, and the essentials of public speaking for an online audience. You will learn how to develop effective PowerPoint presentations for online delivery, and how to create effective polls and quizzes.

Whether you are new to the field of online training or you are an experienced online instructor in your own right, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills in this certification program. Once you complete the certification process, you will be listed as a Certified Online Training Professional in our database. And you will have the background you need in order to set up your own online training program, or to serve as a trainer/facilitator within a larger program.

To participate in the online program, you will need the following:

  • computer with Internet connection
  • EITHER a computer headset with microphone
  • OR a telephone with headset (mobile phone with earbuds and mic built into the cord, for example)

Once you sign up for the certification program, you will be scheduled for your two-day online program.

After signing up as a candidate for the COTP certification, you will receive login information for your program. On the first day of the class, log in at least 15 to 30 minutes before the scheduled course time. This allows time to resolve any connectivity issues.

During your online course, you will be asked to participate by introducing yourself, using the chat function to answer and ask questions, using other interactive features of the online platform, and, in the first section of the course, you will get to try taking the reins and leading the class for a brief time.

For the live proficiency exam, you will prepare a 10-minute lesson that you will deliver in the online format. Since you will be completing the live proficiency exam as part of the two-day program, you may want to start thinking of a topic in advance. After day one, you may want to work on preparing your lesson in the evening. You will also have a 45-minute work period on day two for preparing your lesson.

During the afternoon of day two, you will serve as the audience for the other students, and you will present your 10-minute lesson. Your lesson can be on almost any topic: care and feeding of kittens, setting tabs in Microsoft Word, how to mow a lawn, three things to do in a job interview. It should not require any specialized software that the other students would not have.